As a member of the Future Alumni Network, you are required to review and agree to the Team Agreement. 

This Agreement outlines the Future Alumni Network's mission and goals, member expectation, and conflict resolution processes. It was developed by the Network Executive with the goal of ensuring a positive, respectful and meaningful experience for all Network members. 

Please review the full agreement here prior to completing the form below. 

As a member of the Future Alumni Network, I: 

• Have carefully read, and will uphold, the Network’s Team Agreement.

• Will remember the three keystones of Network Membership:

     1. Be willing to take risks.

     2. Think outside the box.

     3. Create a welcoming community.

• Will promote an engaging and welcoming environment, dedicated to creating and maintaining positive relationships between students and University alumni.

• Will be accountable to my own actions by ensuring that I am representing the Network to the best of my abilities; will make decisions relevant to the Network with my fellow Members’ best interests in mind; and, will remain conscious of the effects and consequences of my actions, in order to ensure I act in an appropriate, professional manner at all times, but especially whenever representing the Network.

• Will respect my fellow Network members by attending and engaging at meetings and events. If I am unable to attend an event or meeting, I must provide 48 hours’ notice to my Executive Lead with a reasonable cause, barring extenuating circumstances.

• Shall contribute by providing knowledgeable feedback, and accepting constructive criticism.

• Shall fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a Member to the best of my abilities.

• Understand that failing to uphold this document may be grounds for termination of Network membership.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a recognized Affinity Community by the University of Calgary Alumni Association (UCAA)! 

The Affinity Community Program has been created to celebrate and recognize the many ways alumni choose to identify and gather. Whether it's around a common interest, shared identity or experience, department or program, location, or class-year, the program is here to help make connecting to fellow alumni easy and fun! When you register your Affinity Community with the Alumni Association, you will receive real benefit from both the university and the UCAA. Recognized groups will have access to funding, invitations to exclusive leadership opportunities, and a suite of tools and resources to empower you to take your initiatives to new heights.

The University of Calgary Alumni Association is committed to ensuring that our alumni feel supported, valued and connected to each other and to the university. We are dedicated to engaging our alumni community by fostering pride, spirit and tradition, harnessing their volunteer passion, and building and maintaining lifelong relationships with our alumni worldwide.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your submission!

Your UCalgary Alumni Engagement Team


A recognized Affinity Community may apply for funding through The Affinity Community Assistance Program (ACAP) which is supported by the Office of Alumni Engagement of the University of Calgary and administered by the Affinity Community Committee of the Alumni Association. The program provides financial assistance to Affinity Communities for their programs, events, and projects as they relate to university goals. The University of Calgary Alumni Association is proudly dedicated to engaging our entire alumni community by fostering pride, spirit and tradition. The university, together with the alumni association, provides exceptional value and ongoing support to our alumni worldwide.

The Affinity Communities Committee of the Board may deny any request for funding based on a Community’s failure to adhere to the below guidelines or any action by a Community that is not consistent with the mission and purpose of the Alumni Association.

 Funding Guidelines:

  • You have been recognized as an Affinity Community by the Alumni Association
  • Application must be submitted by an active member of the Affinity Community 
  • Up to $2,000 per program, event, or project may be awarded. No more than two (2) applications per group, per funding year
  • Applications must demonstrate how the project/event will help achieve the following goals:
  • Strengthen the UCalgary network
  • Launch or grow Affinity Community membership base
  • Achieve or make progress on specific Affinity Community objectives (this refers to objectives the group highlighted on their Affinity Communities application form)
  • Promote mentorship of students and/or alumni 
  • Faculty-based affinity communities must demonstrate that the program/event is an affinity community led initiative and not a faculty led initiative (consider how this event will help the affinity community reach its goals and if this event would exist without the affinity community)
  • Funding does not cover the cost of alcohol, cannabis or any operating costs (exceptions to operating costs may be made upon discussion)


Conditions of Funding:

  • UCalgary Alumni Association must be acknowledged in all marketing materials including web postings, invitations, and news stories
  • Events should fall into one or more of the four focus areas: professional development; personal development; pride, spirit, and tradition; and philanthropy
  • Receipts, final attendance lists, pictures and event recaps should be sent to your UCalgary Affinity Community liaison within five (5) business days of event
  • Applications must include an estimated budget at time of submission
  • Retroactive and late applications will not be considered
  • Affinity Communities remain responsible for all planning and implementation of the program/event 

The UCalgary Alumni office will process funding requests on a first-come first-served basis until all program funds for the programming year (April 1-March 31) are disbursed.

Following evaluation, successful applicants will receive an agreement confirming details and conditions of funding.  Funding will be provided following sign off. 


The intent of the UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Program is to leverage and support faculty, university, and community programming to more deeply engage a broad alumni audience.

The UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund (UAPF) has been established to encourage programs across faculties and the university to identify an alumni engagement focused enhancement or value-added experience to their program that can be enabled through additional support from the UCalgary Alumni Office. 

UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund Criteria:

All applications to the UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund must demonstrate:

  • Program is open to all UCalgary Alumni featuring content with broad appeal
  • Program demonstrates alignment with one or more of the Five Pillars of Engagement outlined in Wherever Life Takes You: Alumni Career Development, Life-Stage Programming, Alumni Volunteer Engagement, Community Building, Philanthropy
  • Registration and attendance data will be tracked in Raiser’s Edge (for faculty applications) or provided to UCalgary Alumni for the purpose of internal alumni engagement scoring
  • UCalgary Alumni will be recognized as a partner or sponsor in all program/event promotions and day of acknowledgements 
  • Allowance for opening or closing remarks by an alumnus/a. UCalgary Alumni will work with partners to identify an appropriate graduate of UCalgary connected to the event/program/faculty/school
  • UCalgary Alumni post-program assessment survey will be sent to attendees following event (for internal applications and community applications using Net Community as registration platform)

An alumni-centric enhancement or value-added experience could include (but is not limited to):

  • Securing a larger venue to increase capacity
  • Behind the scenes tour for alumni 
  • Alumni discount or early-bird tickets
  • Live-streaming/pod-casting of program
  • SWAG

*The intent is to be flexible to help support your alumni engagement initiatives

Funding Details:

  • Programs/events are eligible for funding up to 25% of overall program budget to a maximum of $5,000 (evaluated on a case by case basis)
  • All applications will be reviewed by Alumni Partnerships Fund Advisory Group
  • Applications must be submitted annually for continued funding
  • Please indicate in your application if there is a sponsorship model for your program

Conditions of Funding:

  • Following evaluation, successful applicants will receive an agreement confirming details and conditions of partnership. Funding will be provided following sign off.
  • Programs that receive funds from the UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund are required to submit a final report including detailed budget to UCalgary Alumni upon completion of the project. A template will be provided for this purpose. 
  • The partner remains responsible for all planning and implementation of the program/event and covering any cost overruns.

Funding Deadlines:

Funding applications will be accepted ongoing and evaluated based on the intake periods below:

  • Intake Period #1 :  January 6 – February 10, 2020 (for programs taking place April 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020)
  • Intake Period #2 :  May 4 – June 8, 2020  (for programs taking place September 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021)

Due to limited funds, the process for selection of funding recipients is competitive. Please complete your application in detail for committee review. 

Evaluation Criteria:

The proposals will be evaluated by the UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund Advisory Group. In addition to alignment with the UCalgary Alumni Partnerships Fund criteria, applications will be evaluated based on the considerations below: 

  • Strategic Value
    Does the program demonstrate strategic alignment with at least one of the Pillars of Engagement outlined in in Wherever Life Takes You
  • Enhancement of the UCalgary Alumni Programming Calendar
    Does this add to the diversity of events, activities and initiatives of the UCalgary Alumni calendar? 
  • UCalgary Alumni Engagement/Participation
    Will the UAPF help expand alumni participation and awareness to an existing event, activity or initiative? Will this reach a broad audience? Preference may be given to programming which features a UCalgary Alumnus/a as a subject matter expert.
  • Outreach
    Does the proposal enhance UCalgary’s reputation on and off campus? Does it create an opportunity for other units, schools and faculties to engage their alumni? Special consideration will be given to those applications where multiple faculties/units are collaborating on a program. 
  • Legacy Outcome(s)
    Does this proposal have a tangible legacy beyond 2019/20? Is this a one-off or annual initiative?
University of Calgary Alumni