Thank you for your interest in becoming a recognized Affinity Community by the University of Calgary Alumni Association (UCAA)! 

The Affinity Community Program has been created to celebrate and recognize the many ways alumni choose to identify and gather. Whether it's around a common interest, shared identity or experience, department or program, location, or class-year, the program is here to help make connecting to fellow alumni easy and fun! When you register your Affinity Community with the Alumni Association, you will receive real benefit from both the university and the UCAA. Recognized groups will have access to funding, invitations to exclusive leadership opportunities, and a suite of tools and resources to empower you to take your initiatives to new heights.

The University of Calgary Alumni Association is committed to ensuring that our alumni feel supported, valued and connected to each other and to the university. We are dedicated to engaging our alumni community by fostering pride, spirit and tradition, harnessing their volunteer passion, and building and maintaining lifelong relationships with our alumni worldwide.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your submission!

Your UCalgary Alumni Engagement Team


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