The intent of the UCalgary Alumni All-Access (AAA) Partnerships Program is to leverage and support faculty, university, and community programming to more deeply engage a broad alumni audience while showcasing the best of UCalgary. Funding for student-focused initiatives is also available, and must still include an alumni component. 

We actively seek programming that aligns with our pillars of engagement:

  • Career development
  • Life-stage programming
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Community building
  • Philanthropy

If you're thinking of submitting an application, let us know! We're happy to discuss your initiative before you finalize your submission.

UCalgary AAA Partnerships Fund Requirements

All applications to the UCalgary AAA Partnerships Fund must demonstrate:

  • Alignment with one of the four funding categories (found below)
  • Program is applicant led and executable
  • Registration and attendance data will be tracked in BBCRM  or provided to UCalgary Alumni for the purpose of internal alumni engagement scoring, and a post-program survey is conducted. Flexibility is permitted for student-focused initiatives and community sponsorships
  • UCalgary Alumni will be recognized as a partner or sponsor in all program/event promotions and day of acknowledgements 
  • Alumni presence in the program (eg. alumni speakers, opening or closing remarks, etc.)
  • Programs/events are eligible for funding up to 25% of overall program budget (less contingency planning). Some flexibility is permitted for student-focused initiatives and community sponsorships on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applications are received by the required intake period for the initiative date
  • Budget actuals are reported to UCalgary Alumni in a timely manner

A detailed table of requirements for each funding category is found further in this application.

If you're unsure about theses requirements, please reach out! The intent is to be flexible, within reason, to help support your alumni engagement initiatives.

Conditions of Funding:

  • All applications will be reviewed by AAA Partnerships Fund Advisory Group
  • Following evaluation, successful applicants will receive an agreement confirming details and conditions of partnership. Funding will be provided following AAA Partnerships Fund Advisory Group approval.
  • Programs that receive funds from the UCalgary AAA Partnerships Fund are required to submit a final report including detailed budget to UCalgary Alumni upon completion of the project. A template is available for this purpose. 
  • The partner remains responsible for all planning and implementation of the program/event and covering any cost overruns.

Evaluation Criteria:

The proposals will be evaluated by the UCalgary AAA Partnerships Fund Advisory Group. In addition to alignment with the UCalgary AAA Partnerships Fund criteria, applications will be evaluated based on the considerations below: 

Strategic Value 

  • Alignment with one of UCalgary Alumni's pillars of engagement
  • The initiative allows for visibility of the UCalgary Alumni brand
  • Provides opportunities to build relationships with the program attendees, VIPs, and organizers and offers story opportunities

UCalgary Alumni Engagement, Participation and Presence

  • Expands alumni participation and awareness to an existing event, activity or initiative
  • Alumni are considered and important part of the initiative's success (as speakers, registrants, etc.)

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Indigenous Engagement

  • Program addresses equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and Indigenous Engagement as a central theme
  • Organizers have taken extra care to highlight how they have addressed accessibility and equity of access through program planning elements (eg. special care to reach equity deserving groups, ask registrants if they need support to fully participate in the program, etc.)


  • The proposal enhances UCalgary’s reputation on or off campus 
  • The initiative creates an opportunity for other units, schools and faculties to engage alumni 

Please direct any questions to:

Ben Fleury, Specialist, Alumni Leadership Engagement



We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.