As a member of the Future Alumni Network, you are required to review and agree to the Team Agreement. 

This Agreement outlines the Future Alumni Network's mission and goals, member expectation, and conflict resolution processes. It was developed by the Network Executive with the goal of ensuring a positive, respectful and meaningful experience for all Network members. 

Please review the full agreement here prior to completing the form below. 

As a member of the Future Alumni Network, I: 

• Have carefully read, and will uphold, the Network’s Team Agreement.

• Will remember the three keystones of Network Membership:

     1. Be willing to take risks.

     2. Think outside the box.

     3. Create a welcoming community.

• Will promote an engaging and welcoming environment, dedicated to creating and maintaining positive relationships between students and University alumni.

• Will be accountable to my own actions by ensuring that I am representing the Network to the best of my abilities; will make decisions relevant to the Network with my fellow Members’ best interests in mind; and, will remain conscious of the effects and consequences of my actions, in order to ensure I act in an appropriate, professional manner at all times, but especially whenever representing the Network.

• Will respect my fellow Network members by attending and engaging at meetings and events. If I am unable to attend an event or meeting, I must provide 48 hours’ notice to my Executive Lead with a reasonable cause, barring extenuating circumstances.

• Shall contribute by providing knowledgeable feedback, and accepting constructive criticism.

• Shall fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a Member to the best of my abilities.

• Understand that failing to uphold this document may be grounds for termination of Network membership.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.